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Why Should I?
To help against the contamination and transmission to humans and pets of the numerous types of bacteria, diseases, viruses and parasites that are carried in canine feces. All equipment is sanitized before and after each visit.

Is There a Contract?
No, unless you would like one for your records.

How Often Do We Pick Up?
We provide a weekly, bi-weekly, one-time and seasonal cleanups.

How Much Do We Charge?
Weekly cleanups start at $12.00, depending on size of yard. We provide a free estimate for a one-time cleanup.

Where Does The Poop Go?
We double bag it and leave it in your designated garbage can.

Do We Work Through Weather?
Yes. We work all year round. Heavy rain and snow might set us back
a day or two, but we will make sure the service is done.

Can The Dogs Be Outside During The Service?
Yes. If your dog will be outside, then we will first come and meet your
dog, so we all feel comfortable.

Are We Insured?
Yes, we are bonded and insured.

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