Thank you for the wonderful job you do for us Ruth. I never would have thought that we would have someone come over and clean our pets mess but, since you started servicing us, we would not think of having it any other way. Cleaning our pet run was always a chore we dreaded doing, but knew it had to be done. I do not remember the last time we gave that task so much as a single thought. We appreciate the professionalism with which you do your job you are always there! As a rule, we at Mari’s Pet Grooming are very careful to recommend any service company. In your case however, we are glad to recommend you and your company Yardoody because you do a great job. Keep up the good work!
– Mari’s Pet Grooming, Inc.

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Simply the best service in the world!!! Ruth is very reliable and professional. Even our dog looks forward to her arrival. We hope to continue Yardoody’s services for a long time to come…THANKS!!!

– Lee & Consie

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I wanted to thank you. My life was RUFF before Yardoody, My Mom says it’s a lot of work having five kids (dogs). Although I wouldn’t know,being a Princess is hard enough, but having to share a yard with fourboys can be quite messy. It’s Great having Yardoody pick up after us. I love having a poop free yard to play in without stepping in amess. My brother and I love seeing you pull up to the house, knowingwe will have a clean yard plus, we get treats and back rubs too… Wecouldn’t ask for anything more. Making my parents happy is a bonus, We look forward to seeing you every week…

– Love and Kisses,
Princess Sophie
oh and my Brothers Marco, Luigi, Amani and Lucky

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Kirby, Murphy and Bogart think the best decision I made was calling Ruth to come and clean their yard.  They love the fact that it is clean and the grass is coming back, but most of all they love and adore Ruth and when she comes at a time that I am at home they can’t wait to get out the door to greet her, show off for her and, of course, look for treats.  The boys and I would recommend Ruth to anyone. Come to think of it I also think it was the best idea I had.  We love you Ruth, Kirby, Murphy, Bogart and Nancy

– Thank, Ruth

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